Bohri Food Festival at Nook (Aloft, Cessna Business Park)

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I was invited to attend food reviewers/bloggers meetup at Nook – Aloft, Cessna Business Park. There is a Bohri food festival going on at Aloft from 12th June till 23rd June. Although, I heard a lot about the Bohri cuisine but never got a chance to taste the authentic Bohri food. This was a welcome change from the regular cuisines. In the holy month of Ramadan, what’s better than to enjoy the food, which came from “Yemen to Gujrat”.


Dawoodi Bohra community is a mercantile Muslim community, which has its root in Yemen. A good number of population had migrated to Gujrat in India and Sindh region of Pakistan decades ago. Bohri cuisine has a good variety of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian items. An interesting fact is that the community enjoy food items along with delicious desserts in between.

This food festival is the creativity of the Executive Chef Sandeep Kumar and Chef Dev. I met Chef Sandeep and he walked me through the variety of food. The starters included Bohri Kubat Potato, Lagan ya Sheek, Keema Samosa, Bohri Chicken Cutlet, Dhahi Ka Kebab, Ankrut Moong ki Shaami, Malai Khus Kebab, Batata Samosa, Kukud Kabragha Tikka, and Baida Roti.

IMG_20170614_185930 IMG_20170614_203739IMG_20170614_190009 IMG_20170614_190141IMG_20170614_185904 IMG_20170614_190239 IMG_20170614_190119 IMG_20170614_190156 IMG_20170614_190056 IMG_20170614_204100

I must say that Keema Samosa and Baida Roti were absolutely delicious. It truly showcased the authenticity of Bohri cuisine. I enjoyed and loved it.

IMG_20170614_190035 IMG_20170614_190124

The main course had Mutton Yakhani Shorba (Soup), Veg Haleem (live Counter), Mutton Haleem (live counter), Bohra Murgh Badami Korma, Gosht Darbari, Fish Nirdrish, Dhudhi Ni Tarkari, Hara Aloo, Murgh Reshmi Biryani, Khatta Mitha Dal, Kefti Dal, and Irani Ran (special).

IMG_20170614_192141   IMG_20170614_213712 IMG_20170614_210959   IMG_20170614_190003

The Mutton Haleem, Gosht Darbari, Fish Nirdish, and Irani Ran were the major highlights of the food festival. Other items were also good. Mutton Haleem was smooth and had a good consistency. Absolutely a must-try item in the menu! Gosht Darbari was tender, juicy and the flavours were superb. Irani Ran was again the best I ever had. It was served with a delicious gravy, which was flavourful. The meat was tender and the flavour was mild and subtle.


They have some signature Mango-based cocktails especially for this food fest that includes:

  • Sweet n spice (Vodka, mango syrup, black pepper, lime juice, sugar)
  • Mango Mojito (White rum, Mango chunks, mint leave, lime juice & sugar syrup)
  • Magarita with twist (Tequila, pomegranate syrup, Mango puree, lemon juice, sugar)
  • Sweet dark side (Dark rum, mango puree, lemon juice, basil leave, caster sugar)
  • Nightlife (whisky, Mango puree, rosemary leave, lemon juice, caster sugar)
  • High tide (Vodka, Gin, white rum, mango puree, ginger ale, lime, sugar syrup)
  • Mango Daiquiri (White rum, mango puree, lemon wedges, caster sugar)


IMG_20170614_201420 IMG_20170614_201837.jpg IMG_20170614_201852

However, I felt that the Mango flavour was not very prominent or it was overshadowed by the alcohols. Not much to my taste but it could be a different try for cocktail lovers. I settled with the Long Island Ice Tea (L.I.I.T) and it was really good with the correct flavours!

IMG_20170614_203821 IMG_20170614_191715 IMG_20170614_191718

The desserts section also had a lot of signature dishes from the Gujrat-based community.


The ambience at Nook is classy with nice decor. The hotel is located in Cessna Business Park and the location is superb. As you enter Aloft, you will feel the premiumness that this hotel offers. They have a decent seating arrangement as well. Service is also polite and courteous. Overall, a must-try restaurant during Ramadan.

Buffet cost:

INR 1099+taxes.

Operational hours: 

Lunch buffet: 12:00 to 3:30 PM

Dinner buffet: 7:00 PM to 11:30 PM

(Excluding Saturdays and Sundays)

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