Disastrous Food and Experience at Barbeque Nation, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon

I never thought my 500th review on Zomato after a long time is going to be for such a horrible restaurant. I waited for a long time to write this review for a special place but alas, this is by far the worst experience that I had in recent times.

BEWARE! This is not anywhere close to the Barbeque Nation that you might think. This is surely the WORST Barbeque Nation outlet that I have visited on a special New Year dinner, which is also my dad’s birthday.

This Barbeque Nation has completely spoiled our dinner on a special day. It’s a complete disaster. Stay away from here or regret it later.
They did not serve anything on the grill except Chicken tikka and Fish Tikka. When specifically asked if there are Prawns or any other starters, they gave a couple of prawn skewers otherwise they were all set to skip. They did not have any starters, such as Chapli Kabab, Keema Pav, Palak Patta Chaat, or Gol Gappe.

It looked like we were sitting on an orphan table with literally no one to serve us. I had to ask at least 8-9 times for chicken wings and only then they serve burned wings with horrible taste. It was yuck!

The other staff members serving other tables were perhaps serving others slightly better and quicker. When I asked for Chapli Kababs 5-6 times, they said that they will serve. They only came after multiple other follow-ups at the time when we were done with the desserts. Such a disaster!

We were hungry for the first time after eating at a buffet restaurant in our lives. This is such a shameful place to let go of its customers hungry after charging them fully.

There was no cutlery, no service, and no food. Nobody was listening to us at our table. We did not get many of the starters. In the main course, most of the dishes were over by 8:30 pm and there was no chicken in their super dry so-called shameful chicken biryani. The staff really did not bother at all for not serving us.

They cooked Palak Patta and Chicken Wings in burnt oil and that was so unhealthy to have. I had to spit immediately but 3 members of my family who ate had vomiting during the night including my dad (the birthday boy). And that was the Barbeque Nation experience.

This particular branch is seriously understaffed and they did not plan for the unfortunate 1st January crowd who visited them to spoil their dinner. This was my last visit to a Barbeque Nation restaurant. The best is to avoid this outlet at any cost.

After all this when I rated them 1/5 on Zomato, the unit manager of Barbeque Nation called me and tried to bribe me by offering free Barbeque boxes that he wanted to deliver to my house. I refused the offer and then he offered me to come again with my family and allow them to change the experience. However, after eating food cooked in burnt oil and vomiting, we were all against their offer.

To my surprise, these people probably stooped to another level. When I was editing my Zomato review of this place and was trying to update it with some more insights about the burnt oil experience, the review vanished off automatically after trying to repost. I tried to repost several times but I could not post the review on Zomato anymore. Doesn’t it seem fishy? It certainly looked fishy to me and some sort of teamwork to get rid of honest reviews.

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