The Glorious City of Allahabad Always Stands Ignored

It was December 16, 1918, when the first-ever International flight from Europe to India had landed in Allahabad. Certainly, a moment of pride for the United Provinces, now called Uttar Pradesh (UP) for being included on the itinerary along with Karachi, Delhi, and Kolkata in undivided India. Allahabad – an already established major political center of importance back then, this incident strengthened the city’s position as a future metropolitan city.

Itinerary of the first flight from Europe to India

Allahabad is one of the holiest Hindu pilgrimages and a place for intellectuals, literary geniuses, and Hindi poets, but a lesser-known fact is that it was also a center of the revolution for Indian independence. An ancient city that has the most correct time in India, as the 82°30′ E longitude that defines the Indian Standard Time passes through the city of Allahabad. The University of Allahabad established by the Britishers during the colonial era was popularly known as the Oxford of the East.

The strong cultural and mythological heritage of Allahabad can be seen at the Sangam, also called Prayag because of which the ancient city got its name – Prayag. It’s the confluence of rivers Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati. The city hosts Kumbh Mela – the world’s largest gathering of people and the largest fair, every 12 years. Prayag or popularly, Allahabad has now been renamed to Prayagraj by the government. Nevertheless, it’s also an important town for other faiths who have a sizeable population living there. Christians, Muslims, Parsis, and Sikhs have all made Allahabad their hometown.

People from most parts of Northern and Eastern India migrated to Allahabad for education and in search of a happy, peaceful life. For all the political, literary, religious, and cultural reasons, Allahabad should have been an easy choice to remain as the capital of UP and emerge as one of the biggest metropolitan cities of India. However, the reality is far from what one could have imagined a century ago.

Nobody is bothered about Allahabad after the Indian independence. They can only change the name of the city but that won’t bring back its old glory unless real development happens on a large scale. Be it any party or leader, nobody did anything significant for the city of Allahabad that was once the capital of the region now called UP, and also the capital of India for one day during the British era in 1858. Did you know that?

Most of the development happens only at Lucknow in UP and to some extent Varanasi and Agra. How a great city with a strong heritage can be completely sidelined for political reasons can be best understood by looking at Allahabad.

The city where the first International flight from Europe landed is yet to get a proper commercial airport of its own. It only got a commercial terminal on an Airforce land and that too happened just a few years ago. The best example of sidelining and ignoring a city.

Indian politicians have completely destroyed the city, and no one cares but they ask for votes at the time of the election. Amitabh Bacchan, a famous actor who belongs to this city contested elections in the early 1980s and won. Did he do anything for his hometown? Hahaha, you can find out yourself! To add to that, the famous “first family of India” had Allahabad as their hometown for decades without bothering much about it.

As the ignorance of various governments continued, people who wanted to achieve something bigger in life had no choice left but to migrate to other cities for better education and job prospects. The migration gives them a better lifestyle and benefits. In the past 25-30 years, I have been a witness to such bulk migrations. This leaves the city with some old government offices and courts that will remain here for some more time, as many had already been shifted to Lucknow.

The glorious past is to be forgotten, the reality is Allahabad now stands as an underrated city ruined by the politicians favoring other places where they had a vote bank. They only remember it once in 6 years at the Ardh Kumbh Mela and then at the Kumbh Mela every 12 years.

The worry is what will happen to the city 20 years from now. Will the city still exist then or it will turn out to be a small rural town with huge unemployment. Provided that all government offices and courts don’t shift to Lucknow, there could be a slight ray of hope alive. Of course, our politicians won’t let the industrial setup revive there. Information Technology, Manufacturing, Automobile sectors won’t come to the city, ever. AIIMS is opening in Raibareily, a much smaller town having no significance but a vote bank. Who all will live in the city after 20 years and what will be their source of income is another concern.

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Love is in the Air – Hearty Party at Phoenix Market City, Bangalore

Love is an important part of our lives and everybody wants love and compassion. To celebrate the very special feeling of being in love, February is the month. The month of love has such a potential that despite being the shortest month in an year, every four years it impacts the name of the year. It’s a month of love, wherein Valentine’s day is celebrated all over.

Valentine’s day, which is also known as Saint Valentine’s day is celebrated in the honour and memory of the saint from a bygone era. This day needs no introduction as people from all around the world celebrate it in various ways, which could be a romantic date at a starred hotel or a spending quality time with your partner by the beach. Many people choose to propose the person they love or adore. While there are some who choose this special day for their marriage. The gifts exchanged during the Valentine’s week are greeting card, teddy bears, chocolates, jewellery, and flowers, particularly red roses!

Many restaurants and eateries enhance their look and feel, and often offer some good packages for couples who want to celebrate the day there. But this is not all, in my view, that day should be really special where you enjoy shopping, great food, alcohol, party, DJ, and above all a great time with your loved one.

Phoenix Market City, which is a pioneer among the shopping malls in Bangalore had an intention to include everyone in this festival of love and offer them with great choices to celebrate. So, they had arranged the Hearty Party event in the courtyard of the mall on 10th and 11th February 2018. It was a special event with splendid performances and DJ night.

Phoenix Market City in Bangalore has always been a place where you get everything under one roof, be it branded clothing, lifestyle products, multiplex, fine dine restaurants, pubs, or a food court. It’s a mall which is spread across a huge area and houses numerous stores. It’s a preferred choice for shopping and spending some good time with your loved ones.

When I entered the courtyard of the mall to witness the Hearty Party event, I was surprised to see that they had transformed the area into a paradise. It was all decorated with hearts, cupid’s bow and arrow, beautiful posters, and all of this was in red theme, which is the colour of love.

Featured in Photograph: Food Bloggers Association, Bangalore (FBAB) founder, Chef BB -Bibhuti Bushan Panigrahy (with his permission)

There were areas very tastefully designed with awesome background to click photographs. Cupid, the God of love was also present with his bow and arrow. People were happily clicking selfies with him and those who were struck by Cupid’s arrow were enjoying it to the fullest. The ambience was truly symbolizing the feeling of romance and love.

There was a big stage that was set up in the courtyard where Karaoke session was ongoing. After that there was a dance performance by Ocean Kids, who are one of the finalists in the popular television show, India’s Got Talent. The performance was mesmerizing!


Later, DJ Vipul Khurana, known for mixing some desi Beats with the usual EDM, gave the night a different twist. It was laudable.

But as the party is not complete without delectable food and alcohol, there were stalls of some good restaurants, such as Café Noir, Whitefield Social, and Bar Bar surrounding the courtyard area. There were also some innovative food trucks and bikes! Some of them were the Smoke Signal BBQ, Indian’s first BBQ Bike, and the Rolling Chef. The food stalls were a hit and people were enjoying the festival while having so many options for food. The taste and quality of food was good.


It was a delightful party for the alcohol lovers, as they had Kingfisher and Bira in beers, and also Rum, Whiskey, and Vodka were available. With these many options in drinks along with great music, what else would anyone look for.

It was time for something sweet, and I love desserts. So, there was a stall of Smoor, serving pastries and chocolates. I headed to their stall to find out what are they serving for Valentine’s. I was glad to find out that they had some amazing offerings for Valentine’s day to gift to your special one. I purchased some chocolates and had a memorable time from evening till night.

Next day, there were spectacular performances by the Naik & Jois Project, Ocean Kids, and Bangalore’s own DJ Ivan, thereby making it a perfect weekend just before the Valentine’s day. The music was enthralling and made everyone groove with it.

Hearty Party was focused on love, romance, and friendship. It was a great enjoyable experience at Phoenix Market City, looking forward to attending many such enticing events.

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Don’t Miss: Roast & Grill Food Festival at Nook till 25th January

Aloft hotel at Cessna Business Park, Bengaluru hosts special food festivals from time-to-time. This is a hotel chain which focuses a lot on food variety, quality, and taste. The menu keeps changing to offer all sorts of cuisines to its customers. Nook is a high-class restaurant located inside Aloft, Cessna Business Park. The executive chef and the hotel staff makes sure that we have a pleasant experience with the food and service.

I had been to Nook a few times before to attend their Bohri food festival, cake mixing, and many such events. This time, the hotel invited me to attend the Roast & Grill food festival, which is going on from 15th till 25th January. This is a not-to-be-missed food festival as they have all sorts of grilled dishes in the menu, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

For a food lover, it’s a delight to be attend this food festival. The buffet spread is vast and although, it’s a Roast & Grill festival, it’s not just about the roasted items, they also have delicious starters, main course, and yummy desserts! I am absolutely a fan of their desserts.

My personal favourites from this festival are Grilled Fishes, Grilled Prawns, Roasted Paneer, and Lamb Chops. The Spinach Roll and Grilled Broccoli is also worth mentioning. In main course, Murg Musallam and Mutton Roagn Josh is a must-try. In desserts, everything is great, but my favourites are Firni and chocolate cake.

The service staff, PR, executive chef, and everyone is very polite and courteous, and they leave no stone unturned to make it a memorable dining experience for their customers. The ambience is really classy with superb décor. This is a place to enjoy the food and have a leisure time. The seating is comfortable, and you get a choice where you want to sit. This is absolutely one of the best fine-dine restaurant in Bangalore where you get scrumptious food and delectable cocktails and sangrias.

Don’t miss this food festival and stay tuned with me on my social media accounts and Zomato to know about the other food festivals that they host from time-to-time.

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Happy New Year 2018 – My Best Wishes

Hello dear friends and subscribers,

Season’s Greetings!

This is my first post of 2018, and I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year. And it’s not all, may my best wishes be with you all throughout your lifetime as you experience many such new years, filled with happiness and joy.

I am celebrating the season in Bangalore and relishing some scrumptious food and having wonderful memories. See the earlier posts and stay tuned for the upcoming posts about some delectable food and adventurous travel, as usual.

Stay blessed, stay happy!