Love is in the Air – Hearty Party at Phoenix Market City, Bangalore

Love is an important part of our lives and everybody wants love and compassion. To celebrate the very special feeling of being in love, February is the month. The month of love has such a potential that despite being the shortest month in an year, every four years it impacts the name of the year. It’s a month of love, wherein Valentine’s day is celebrated all over.

Valentine’s day, which is also known as Saint Valentine’s day is celebrated in the honour and memory of the saint from a bygone era. This day needs no introduction as people from all around the world celebrate it in various ways, which could be a romantic date at a starred hotel or a spending quality time with your partner by the beach. Many people choose to propose the person they love or adore. While there are some who choose this special day for their marriage. The gifts exchanged during the Valentine’s week are greeting card, teddy bears, chocolates, jewellery, and flowers, particularly red roses!

Many restaurants and eateries enhance their look and feel, and often offer some good packages for couples who want to celebrate the day there. But this is not all, in my view, that day should be really special where you enjoy shopping, great food, alcohol, party, DJ, and above all a great time with your loved one.

Phoenix Market City, which is a pioneer among the shopping malls in Bangalore had an intention to include everyone in this festival of love and offer them with great choices to celebrate. So, they had arranged the Hearty Party event in the courtyard of the mall on 10th and 11th February 2018. It was a special event with splendid performances and DJ night.

Phoenix Market City in Bangalore has always been a place where you get everything under one roof, be it branded clothing, lifestyle products, multiplex, fine dine restaurants, pubs, or a food court. It’s a mall which is spread across a huge area and houses numerous stores. It’s a preferred choice for shopping and spending some good time with your loved ones.

When I entered the courtyard of the mall to witness the Hearty Party event, I was surprised to see that they had transformed the area into a paradise. It was all decorated with hearts, cupid’s bow and arrow, beautiful posters, and all of this was in red theme, which is the colour of love.

Featured in Photograph: Food Bloggers Association, Bangalore (FBAB) founder, Chef BB -Bibhuti Bushan Panigrahy (with his permission)

There were areas very tastefully designed with awesome background to click photographs. Cupid, the God of love was also present with his bow and arrow. People were happily clicking selfies with him and those who were struck by Cupid’s arrow were enjoying it to the fullest. The ambience was truly symbolizing the feeling of romance and love.

There was a big stage that was set up in the courtyard where Karaoke session was ongoing. After that there was a dance performance by Ocean Kids, who are one of the finalists in the popular television show, India’s Got Talent. The performance was mesmerizing!


Later, DJ Vipul Khurana, known for mixing some desi Beats with the usual EDM, gave the night a different twist. It was laudable.

But as the party is not complete without delectable food and alcohol, there were stalls of some good restaurants, such as Café Noir, Whitefield Social, and Bar Bar surrounding the courtyard area. There were also some innovative food trucks and bikes! Some of them were the Smoke Signal BBQ, Indian’s first BBQ Bike, and the Rolling Chef. The food stalls were a hit and people were enjoying the festival while having so many options for food. The taste and quality of food was good.


It was a delightful party for the alcohol lovers, as they had Kingfisher and Bira in beers, and also Rum, Whiskey, and Vodka were available. With these many options in drinks along with great music, what else would anyone look for.

It was time for something sweet, and I love desserts. So, there was a stall of Smoor, serving pastries and chocolates. I headed to their stall to find out what are they serving for Valentine’s. I was glad to find out that they had some amazing offerings for Valentine’s day to gift to your special one. I purchased some chocolates and had a memorable time from evening till night.

Next day, there were spectacular performances by the Naik & Jois Project, Ocean Kids, and Bangalore’s own DJ Ivan, thereby making it a perfect weekend just before the Valentine’s day. The music was enthralling and made everyone groove with it.

Hearty Party was focused on love, romance, and friendship. It was a great enjoyable experience at Phoenix Market City, looking forward to attending many such enticing events.

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Don’t Miss: Roast & Grill Food Festival at Nook till 25th January

Aloft hotel at Cessna Business Park, Bengaluru hosts special food festivals from time-to-time. This is a hotel chain which focuses a lot on food variety, quality, and taste. The menu keeps changing to offer all sorts of cuisines to its customers. Nook is a high-class restaurant located inside Aloft, Cessna Business Park. The executive chef and the hotel staff makes sure that we have a pleasant experience with the food and service.

I had been to Nook a few times before to attend their Bohri food festival, cake mixing, and many such events. This time, the hotel invited me to attend the Roast & Grill food festival, which is going on from 15th till 25th January. This is a not-to-be-missed food festival as they have all sorts of grilled dishes in the menu, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

For a food lover, it’s a delight to be attend this food festival. The buffet spread is vast and although, it’s a Roast & Grill festival, it’s not just about the roasted items, they also have delicious starters, main course, and yummy desserts! I am absolutely a fan of their desserts.

My personal favourites from this festival are Grilled Fishes, Grilled Prawns, Roasted Paneer, and Lamb Chops. The Spinach Roll and Grilled Broccoli is also worth mentioning. In main course, Murg Musallam and Mutton Roagn Josh is a must-try. In desserts, everything is great, but my favourites are Firni and chocolate cake.

The service staff, PR, executive chef, and everyone is very polite and courteous, and they leave no stone unturned to make it a memorable dining experience for their customers. The ambience is really classy with superb décor. This is a place to enjoy the food and have a leisure time. The seating is comfortable, and you get a choice where you want to sit. This is absolutely one of the best fine-dine restaurant in Bangalore where you get scrumptious food and delectable cocktails and sangrias.

Don’t miss this food festival and stay tuned with me on my social media accounts and Zomato to know about the other food festivals that they host from time-to-time.

Buffet cost:


Operational hours: 

Lunch buffet: 12:00 to 3:30 PM

Dinner buffet: 7:00 PM to 11:30 PM

(Excluding Saturdays and Sundays)


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Bon appétit!

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The Brew and Barbeque – Quality Brews, Signature Cocktails, and Delectable Food

Nice microbrewery! Good food and quality! Amazing in-house beers and cocktails!

The Brew and Barbeque is a popular microbrewery and a multi-cuisine restaurant located on the 4th floor of the Soul Space Arena mall on the Outer Ring Road. The location adds a big plus point to it. It’s a huge place with cozy ambience, suitable for partying and social gatherings. Because they have ample seating space spread out in a huge area, you won’t feel like being in an overcrowded place with people waiting for you to vacate the table. Thus, you enjoy the food and drinks at your own leisure.

I visited this place on an invite to attend the 86th Food Bloggers Association, Bangalore (FBAB) meetup.


They have full bar menu with some signature cocktails, mocktails and craft beers. The food menu is extensive as well with almost all popular cuisines included it.


BEERS: We tried their craft beers, which included American Pale Ale, Red Indian Ale, and Hafeweizen. The American Pale Ale was hoppy in taste so kinda bitter, which is OK if you like it that way. Red Indian Ale was smooth and easy on the tongue. Hafeweizen is a wheat beer, which is a bit stronger but very good and smooth in taste. This is my favourite!

COCKTAILS: I tried BellandurOverflow, Pina Colada, and Long Island Ice Tea (L.I.I.T). All the cocktails were really good in taste. L.I.I.T and Pina Colada are popular cocktails and were made exactly the way it should be. BellandurOverflow is their special signature cocktail, subtle flavoured and superb! A must-try one if you are there.


In starters, we tried Corn Cheeze Cutlet, Chicken Hariyali Tikka, Chicken Wings, Golden Fried Corn, Butter Garlic Prawns, Tandoori Prawns, Chilli Fish, Guntur Chicken, Wonton, Malai Paneer Tikka, and Hot and Spicy Mushrooms. All items were delicious, and my favourites are Chicken Wings and Chilli Fish. Absolutely delectable! 😊


For main course, we ordered Butter Chicken, Thin Crust Pizzas, Veg Sizzler, Donne Biryani, Chicken Dum Biryani, and Tandoori Roti. All of their Thin Crust Pizzas are lip-smacking! 😊 A must-try item for main course. Butter Chicken and Dum Biryani were OK in taste. Veg Sizzler and Donne Biryani didn’t impress me.


In desserts, we had Choco Lava Cake, Apple Pie, Lemon Cheesecake, and Chocolate Tart. Choco Lava Cake was yummy and my favourite.


Ambience is classy, you can relax and enjoy the music being played. Also, there is ample space to park your vehicle in the mall’s parking area. You can enjoy and spend some good time with friends and family. Service staff is courteous, but the service is very slow even during the off-peak hours. They should improve upon this aspect.  Overall, it’s a good place for their signature beers, cocktails, and delectable food.



36/5, Soulspace Arena Mall, 4th Floor, Outer Ring Road, Doddanekunddi, Doddanekundi, Mahadevapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037


12 Noon to 12 Midnight


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Demystified Bhangarh Fort – The Most Haunted Place in India

Bhangarh Fort, Alwar – popularly known as the most haunted place in India and one of the most haunted places in Asia. Although, we heard about this place but never bothered to take risk by making a visit there. Not that I hate adventure trips but when it comes to ghosts, I would rather love to see myself on a safer side! Because this is one such entity about which we are unsure and unaware so kinda unpredictability is always there.

This time we were in Gurgaon and desperately wanted a weekend getaway nearby. I double checked with my wife and brother-in-law, if we are really going there and is that the final plan. They in turn asked me to confirm. After some thoughts, we gathered the courage to take the risk this time. We started from Gurgaon in afternoon hoping to reach Bhangarh fort by evening.

Before reaching Bhangarh, we crossed Ajabgarh, a kingdom that shares the proximity to Bhangarh. We saw the Ajabgarh fort, which is secluded at the hilltop. By 6:00 PM, we reached the fort’s entrance. We were stopped by the security and asked to leave as the visiting hours were over and even the Archaeological Survey of India or the ASI has forbidden the locals and tourists from entering the fort after sunset. However, after requesting them, they allowed us to go inside the fort with an assurance that we will come back in an hour.


The first look of the abandoned city of Bhangarh suggested that of a completely ruined and isolated place, which might be haunted according to various stories. However, the fort of Bhangarh does have a very spooky and negative aura to it. After entering the premises, we had to walk to the main fort, so while walking, I concentrated on every sound, shadow, or even a whisper. Yes, I heard some very unusual sounds! In fact, all of us heard those weird sounds coming in and hitting our ears to make us feel scared.



IMG_20170506_181355 IMG_20170506_181403

But hey, within few minutes, I figured out the origin of those sounds. Isn’t that interesting? I had already started feeling like a detective or a paranormal activist by then. Anyways, the weird sounds were coming because of the fast-blowing wind that hits the hill. Bhangarh fort is underneath that hill and the hill obstructs the blow of wind, hence, the sound. There were also some scary sounds from monkeys, peacocks, and other wild animals that reside in the fort area.

IMG_20170506_181827 IMG_20170506_181945


When we entered the fort, it was already getting dark and some rooms inside the fort had absolute darkness. There was no one other than us in the fort and knowing that fact thrilled us to the extreme! We were mentally prepared by that time and were awaiting something unusual to happen. For the 45 minutes, nothing unusual or paranormal was observed apart from a few scary noises by peacocks and animals. We spotted some important landmarks and temples in Bhangarh area from the rooftop of Bhangarh fort.



IMG_20170506_182554 IMG_20170506_182724 IMG_20170506_182949

Later, a person from parking staff and one other attendant came to the fort and waited for us to leave. We asked them if they have seen any ghost here and expected a fearful reply. However, to our surprise, they completely rubbished the existence of ghost or anything paranormal there. According to them, ghosts might have existed there centuries ago as told by their forefathers but now after media has popularized Bhangarh fort, it’s is experiencing heavy footfall, there is no truth in all the stories associated with people witnessing ghosts.

Finally, while leaving the fort and walking towards the exit gate, we felt something unusual.  Although, we didn’t see anyone, not even a shadow but somehow, we would often turn back and look at those hair-raising lanes and ruins in the premises. We were also looking behind to check if no one is following us. After giving a deep thought, I felt it must be a delusion that occurred because of the state-of-mind at that time.

An interesting incident happened at the exit gate. Few brahmins, who reside in the premises asked us to stay back with them to see ghosts. On asking them if they have seen any such entity, they said that there are thousands of ghosts in the fort, not just a few of them. They also added that they had many encounters with the ghosts and narrated 4-5 horrible stories of their experiences with them. Although, I don’t deny that there cannot be ghosts in the fort but whatever they told us seemed hilarious and untrue. I laughed at the baseless stories knowing that they are doing this to strengthen the hype!

How to Reach?

Bhangarh lies between Jaipur and Alwar.

Route from Delhi : Delhi-Gurgaon-Bhiwadi-Alwar-Sariska-Thanagazhi-Pratapgarh-Ajabgarh-Bhangarh. It’s a nearly 300 km drive. Best to travel in a SUV and always carry a spare tyre as there are stretches where for kilometres there are no petrol pumps or habitations.

Nearby Attractions

Sariska Wildlife Sanctury, Hotel Sariska Palace, and Bharthari Temple

Suggested Reading

In this article, I have not detailed any popular stories and the history of Bhangarh fort. This is rather about our experience to find the truth behind such stories. To know more about the fort, you can read the Wiki page: